SAARTHI Rajasthani Antique Multipurpose Unique Decorative Traditional Wooden Handmade Masala Box with Transparent Fibre Top |Masala Dani| Spice Box| Spice Rack Container| Dry Fruit Box| Jewellery Box| Colour Box for Holi| Home | Table| Room Decor Decorative Box| Kitchenware Accessories| Dining Table Décor| Utility Box (8x8x2 inch, Brown)


  • These wooden masala boxes for kitchen are commonly used to keep spices such as cumin seeds, cardamon, garam masala, turmeric powder, red chillies, coriander powder and much more. It can be used to store & serve (without inner containers) roti, cookie, papad, khakra, chocolates, cakes, bread or herb canister
  • Ideal for storing 9 different types spices or refreshments ;
  • Spice box made of unadulterated Sheesham Wood, well being and eco-accommodating material, culminate spice box for kitchen, it will shield bread from getting crushed or snacked by your charming little nice kitten and keep your spice and dry merchandise fresher for more.
  • The masala dani or the spice box occupies a pride of place in every Indian kitchen. With its collection of special spices, it is an essential storage item in every kitchen. When you open sealed packets spices, you need to store the contents in airtight masala box containers to retain their natural goodness and freshness. This masala box is ideal for storing essential spices and seasoning. It has 9 individual small containers and 1 small spoon made from high quality wood.
  • Nine individual masala containers help in keeping spices separately, preserve their freshness and prevent contamination.
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The Spice box comes with 9 equally divided compartments that can easily hold and organize any assortment of spices into different categories with full display. These compartments are designed with versatile spacing so it can it can also function as a holder for any other assortment of home accessories, store collections or personal items. This multipurpose utility box can also be used to store and serve refreshners, dry fruits and keep your knick knacks like jewellery, small items at one place. Display this spice box in on any counter top or table surface to add a contemporary feel to the home. The transparent frame of the spice box is designed to permit easy viewing of the spices selections without the hassle of opening the lid for viewing. When desired, simply open the lid and choose a spice from any of the compartments for enjoyment at anytime. The transparent frame of the spice box will compliment a contemporary feel to any home or kitchen space.


20x20x5 cm




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