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SAARTHI, also spelled Sarathy, both from Sanskrit saratha,”one with a chariot” or “charioteer”

SAARTHI, the name, draws its inspiration from the Ancient Indian Epic of Mahabharata and Krishna as Arjuna’s Saarthi (Sanskrit word for Charioteer) in it

PAARTHA SAARTHI, the registered brand, is inspired from Krishna being also known as Parthasarathy, which translates to charioteer of Partha (another name for Arjuna), or Sanathana Sarathieternal charioteer.

In the Mahabharata, Krishna counselled the Pandavas and Kauravas, two closely related families fighting over a kingdom in northern India. Eventually siding with the Pandavas, he offered his services as the charioteer to Arjuna, the Pandavas’ greatest archer. The Bhagavad Gita, generally thought to be Hinduism’s most important religious book, consists of a conversation between Krishna the charioteer and Arjuna just before the battle proper begins, when Krishna instructs Arjuna in the principle of dharma in response to his hesitation to fighting against his own relatives. In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna is known as Sarathy ( or sarathi ) is known to drive a chariot that is driven by a number of Horses. 

Who are we?

saarthionline.com is a feather in the cap for a woman entrepreneur Ms. Ruchi, who launched the business of online selling of Indian Handicrafts in 2015. Since, then over 30,000 units have been sold to over 20,000 happy customers globally through different online platforms.

Overwhelmed with the handwork in art and craft which is deep rooted in Indian culture, Ms. Ruchi decided to start online selling of these handcrafted masterpieces of decoration, from Jaipur, known to be a hot-spot of art and culture in Rajasthan.

All our products are crafted using optimum quality raw material, made by using ancient techniques, designed as per the urbane taste and thus are a history in their own selves.

Clients can avail the facility of customization of our products in terms of colors, designs and stylish patterns. The products offered by us are applauded in the market for their attributes such as intricate patterns, artistic designs and flawless finish.

With the truly Indian handcrafted products, especially with roots of Rajasthan’s rich art and culture, these lovely and adorable handcrafted masterpieces are sure to give an extra touch to your decor and gifting requirements.

Over 25k units sold across different platforms globally

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