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SAARTHI Rajasthani Traditional Wooden Dhola Maru Key Holder| Wall Hanging| Showpiece| Décor |Hanger| Antique| Vintage – 6 Hooks (Blue)


  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Immerse your living space in the exquisite artistry of our Wooden Dhola Maru Key Holder. Crafted by skilled stands out with its intricate detailing and six hooks for securely organizing your keys. The addition of two hooks at the back allows for easy wall mounting, making it a functional and visually appealing piece for hallways, doorways, living rooms, and bedrooms. With dimensions of 30×15 cm, it effortlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern utility.
  • Ingenious Organization: Elevate your daily routine with the ingenious organization provided by our key holder. Beyond its aesthetic charm, the well-thought-out arrangement of hooks ensures each key has a designated place, creating a clutter-free space. Experience the convenience of effortlessly locating your essentials while adding a touch of sophistication to your surroundings. Embrace an organized lifestyle with this stylish and functional key holder.
  • Cultural Elegance: Infuse your home with the cultural elegance of Rajasthan’s folklore through our Dhola Maru Key Holder. Each carving on this wooden masterpiece tells a unique story, transforming your living space into a canvas of cultural richness. The key holder becomes not just a functional accessory but a symbolic representation of tradition and storytelling. Immerse yourself in the cultural narrative and let your home decor reflect the timeless beauty of Rajasthan.
  • Thoughtful Gift Idea: Elevate your gifting choices with our Wooden Dhola Maru Key Holder. Perfect for housewarmings, weddings, or any occasion, this key holder is a thoughtful and unique gift. Its cultural significance, coupled with practicality, makes it a memorable present that adds a touch of warmth to any home. Give the gift of tradition and functionality with this beautifully crafted key holder.
  • Easy Maintenance: Ensure the longevity of this key holder with simple maintenance. Wipe it with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt, keeping it looking pristine. Avoid excessive moisture or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as these can affect the wood’s integrity. With minimal care, this key holder remains a timeless addition to your decor.
SAARTHI Rajasthani Ethnic Handcrafted Traditional Wooden Key Holder| Wall Hanging| Showpiece| Décor| Room |Hanger| Keychain| Dhola Maru Key Hanger| Antique| Vintage – 6 Hooks (30×15 cm) (Blue)

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Your home décor is a reflection of your taste, so decorate it as you desire. A home is more than just a house, and decoration is more than just furnishings. Home decoration is an art that reveals a lot about the choices and preferences of individuals. A house can instantly transform into a home when it is beautified with the right kind of home decoration items. Allow me to introduce the Wooden Dhola Maru Key Holder, a meticulously crafted piece that seamlessly blends traditional artistry with modern functionality. This exquisite key holder is not just a practical solution for organizing your keys, but also a work of art that adds a touch of cultural richness to your living space. Inspired by the vibrant and timeless aesthetics of Dhola Maru, a legendary love story from Rajasthan, this key holder is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations. The use of high-quality wood ensures durability and showcases the natural beauty of the material, making each piece unique. With functionality in mind, the Wooden Dhola Maru Key Holder is designed to keep your keys organized in style. Decorating your homes has always been the most favourite way to utilize time. The carefully carved hooks provide a secure and convenient place for your keys, ensuring that you never misplace them again. This key rack can hold six keys at a time, making it versatile and allowing you to hang it by the entrance, in the kitchen, or any space where you need quick access to your keys. This key holder transcends its utilitarian purpose, serving as a conversation piece that invites admiration and curiosity. Whether you are a connoisseur of art, a lover of traditional craftsmanship, or someone seeking a unique and thoughtful gift, the Key Holder is a timeless masterpiece that adds character and elegance to any space. Embrace the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan while keeping your keys in order with this exceptional blend of art and functionality.


Paartha Saarthi



Item Dimensions LxWxH

30x15x3 cm


200 gr

Special Feature

Exquisite Craftsmanship, Durable Wooden, Intricate Dhola Maru Design & Eco-Friendly, Made in India & Handcrafted, Compact Utility & Smooth Finish & Key Organisation

Net Quantity



Paartha Saarthi, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302021. WhatsApp +91-8000918708. Email –


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This SAARTHI Rajasthani Traditional Wooden Dhola Maru Key Holder| Wall Hanging| Showpiece| Décor |Hanger| Antique| Vintage - 6 Hooks (Blue) (SKU - C3-BLUE-1) can be yours at a special price of Rs. ₹329.00